About Panda 4WD-H PoliTO

We are a student team of Polytechnic of Turin with the intention of taking part to the annual competition PANDARAID: amateur competition of rally of long distance and resistance in which more than 300 teams challenge to reach 7 different stage in Marocco on board of an old Fiat Panda dealing with different dirt trails in desert who implies an hard mechanical stress for vehicles and hard physical and mental effort for pilot and copilot.

Panda 4WD-H PoliTo Goal

The PANDARAID competition, due to the different dirt trails, requires a very hard effort into manage the vehicle in torque. For this reason the team wants to compete with different teams using an old Fiat Panda having 4 wheel drive and hybrid in which the power train is managed and controlled by means informatics implemented inside the VMU (Vehicle Management Unit).


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